Business Think Camp

Business Think Camp is a flexible program that can be done in-house or off-site and it can be done as a 2-3 day retreat or performed in stages over a couple of weeks or months. Made from up 4 items – developing F.L.O.W. – the general program is created to aid business leaders to use future recognition to establish a convenient preparation for developing business and operate at the speed of adjustment.

Dream Big

Key Benefits

  • Discover and use future understanding to build a pool of business development ideas
  • Learn and also make use of facilitated thinking to develop selected concepts
  • Create a prioritized strategy with deadlines and liabilities to finish the strategy
  • Examine and restructure leadership operations to fit working the strategy

Features and Outcomes – creating F.L.O.W.

Future Awareness Building

Leaders seek out and also ahead – beyond day-to-day work – by utilizing tools to develop future awareness. This brand-new future recognition is then utilized for inspiration and also concepts for brainstorming feasible growth as well as advancement to construct a pool of ideas for expanding the company currently and in the future. From the pool of ideas, a checklist of prioritized ideas will be developed better et cetera will certainly be saved for future consideration.

Leverage Resources

Making Use Of Facilitated Believing , the individuals work through all the approaches and sources needed – individuals (team, consumers, suppliers, flexible partnerships), technical as well as non-technical – for the ideas chosen to be created as well as to additional improve the listing of suggestions to seek.

Opportunities to Recognize

Utilizing Facilitated Thinking , action steps are described as well as prioritized, resources are assigned, responsibilities are determined and target dates are established in a calculated application paper that will certainly be made use of to initiate modifications and also track results as the plan is implemented.

Work Time Reallocation

With a clear strategy in hand, we work one-on-one with the leaders to figure out what changes will certainly be needed to adjust their work assignments – choosing what has to be dropped, entrusted, or delayed to give them the time they need to successfully work the strategy. As soon as these adjustments are all pulled together, everyone signs off and also starts to collaborate with a clear set of directions as well as priorities.