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About Susan

Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Better Built Teams, Inc    

Corporate Builders Inc. 

DuraQuip Manufacturing

Euro-Pacific International Corp.       

Hewlett Packard

Intel Corp.

James Law Group, LLC

Kaiser Permanente

McCormick & Schmick Fin'l.Mgmt.Grp.

Modeling 3-Dimensional Ideas, Inc       

Norm Thompson         

The Prop Shop

tHis-Story, Inc

Tuality Hospital                   



Your seminars were certainly among the most popular.  RF/OSBE

Susan is a 1%'er - she is in the top 1% of her field when it comes to productivity and organization.  TJ/RI

These are my favorite tips - intuitively obvious, simple and economic, but something I hadn't thought of.  TB/AHB

I found your presentation tailored for us and right on the money!  MS/NWREN

Susan is just a ball of ideas when it comes to finding solutions and options.  PY/SP

How refreshing that someone would take the time to create a presentation on organization with our personality traits in mind.   KG/PACC

...several janitors in the group wrote down two pages of notes and drew pictures on how to organize their school's supply area. For not having a working knowledge of this industry, you did a wonderful job.   RS/OCPS

I have had a lot of positive comments, but what is more exciting are the changes that took place after the presentation.  People put your suggestions to work.  MG/

The information you so willingly share is real "food for thought" and really go me thinking about all the ways we can peel that onion and come from a deeper place.  AR/LGLU

Thanks for being an informative and engaging speaker.  SL/OWN

As the dead ends and bottle necks began to disappear I became less depressed and less oppressed when I sat in my office.  Every session has been a tremendous help.  TM'LMT

It (Long Range Planning Report) is an excellent work and really gives us something substantial to work with. JA/WEO

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