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Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Webinar Plus, Plus, Plus

Every webinar we offer comes with three bonuses and a money back guarantee. 

bulletA hand-out for note taking e-mailed before the scheduled class
bulletAn at-no-charge full transcript e-mailed after class
bulletAt least one at-no-charge report with your registration

My  guarantee - If you don't get at least one solid idea that with make your work simpler, faster and easier we will refund the cost of the class. Guaranteed.

OPI's webinar program includes:

bulletChaos to Clarity - A Simple 3 Step Process You Can use NOW to Quiet the Clamor of TMI - Too Much Information with a bonus report "5 Tricks to Make On-line Searching Faster"

When Time Management Systems Fail - Life Is a Pie Chart, Not a To-Do List - Why Most Time Management Systems Fail and What Works Better with a bonus report "5 Ways to Say "NO" In A Positive Way" 


Liberate Time From Your Too Full Schedule - How to Use Pareto's Principle and Reverse Parkinson's Law to Shorten Your Work Day with a bonus report "6 More Ways to Liberate Time".


Banish Burnout - 3 Keys To Long-Term Business Success with bonus report "3 Techniques for Activating The Right, Creative Side of the Brain"


Move Fearlessly Through Rapid Change - How to Build Foresight - The 21st Century Business Skill plus bonus report "Where to Find Trends and How to Use Them to Keep Your Business Relevant"

Key Benefits of Webinars

bulletLearn on your PC or laptop right where you work so you can immediately put what you learn into action
bulletOne hour programs fit easily into your busy schedule
bulletLower cost that traditional away-from-the-office seminars
bulletOPI offers recordings and transcripts if you can't make the webinar.

Cost: $49 each


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