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Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Workshops for In-House Corporate Presentations

As a professional speaker, Susan Lannis is available for customized in-house training programs anywhere in the U.S.  Individual topics range from 1 - 2 hours or can be combined to create half day and full day sessions.  You can select from these topics or contact Susan with your specific needs:

Build Future Awareness to Evolve Your Business at the Speed of Change - Learn tools for building future awareness and how to apply them to jump-start innovation. 

Time is Life -- Spend it Wisely! - Value based time management techniques -- time cannot be controlled, only our activities can.  Learn how to view and control your activities at work to deliver real value.

How to Improve Creativity and Understanding - Six techniques to increase your ability to use your brain's capabilities more fully by learning to become more mentally flexible.

Making Molehills Out of Mountains - Value based project management and mind mapping techniques for quickly breaking large projects into logical, manageable pieces and for getting started now.

How to Set Achievable Goals - Techniques any person can use and be comfortable with setting and achieving goals and filling the gap between saying and doing.

 Defining Values As a Basis for Working/Living - Defining the personal/departmental or corporate values takes participants through a facilitated discussion and hands-on exercise.

 How to Make Meetings Productive - Whether you are attending a meeting or leading one, these are practical techniques to help every meeting be productive - everyone leaves with a sense that it was time well spent.

 Organizing Styles as a Function of Team Dynamics - Understanding individual organizing styles can help a team determine how to assign the work to set each team member up for success.  Learn the six styles and how to use them with your team.

 Bridging the Communication Gap  - Three aspects of personality impact communications.  This program aims to create an understanding and appreciation for how other process information and view time.

Communication Simplified - Learn the four types of communication and how to use two basic styles to communicate simply and effectively.





1 Hour   $500 plus expenses
2 Hour   $900 plus expenses
Half Day (3 Hr)   $1200 plus expenses
Full Day (6 Hr.)   $2000 plus expenses


Contact Susan if you have questions or would like to book a workshop or seminar.

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