Product Offerings

Given that 1987 OPI has actually helped leaders in micro and also small business areas work by creating:

  1. A smooth circulation of information in to and out of the work space
  2. A work area that enhances productivity with reliable design
  3. Equilibrium in personal energy for decreasing tension
  4. An efficient use of time based upon work worth

With time liberated from the organizing process we then collaborate to make use of future understanding to generate ideas to innovate and advance business.

1. Customizable Service Plans

  • 2, 3, and 6 hour options customized to fit your needs as well as budget plan – our most preferred alternative!
  • Really feeling stuck as well as overloaded and having problem what to do?
  • Required to take full advantage of how you utilize your sources in this limited economy or as a part of a sustainability program?
  • Moving as well as need a strategy to alter workflow to fit the brand-new room?
  • Do you have brand-new duties as a result of downsizing and need assistance to incorporate them all right into your workday?
  • Can not find your desk as well as chair?
  • Working in straight sales as well as require aid with paperwork, inventory monitoring, planning and the pieces your business does not give?
  • Loosing important papers or even worse, cash, since payment documents is missing?
  • Are there traffic jams and also resources of tension that maintain you from operating at your optimal best?
  • Great organization has to do with the flow of infiltrate your room – simple, fast and very easy handling – with a smooth leave. Not right stuff and not what your workplace appears like, but exactly how well the systems sustain your all-natural style of working. These adjustable choices are our most preferred alternative – simply the tailored help you need!

2. Free Time to Think Plan

  • A four item plan to assist you spend time where it truly matters, to really feel strong, alert and focused throughout the day, to become a far better thinker and also to develop a future understanding to locate suggestions and opportunities for development and also take the anxiety as well as burn out managing rapid modification.

3. Free Time to Assume and also the Area To Act

  • A five piece package that consists of every one of the work in the Personal Performance plus a personalized re-engineering of your work space to produce systems to support just how you

4. Business Think Camp

  • A four-part program for company leaders created with the supreme result being an application plan for advancing an organisation to the following degree. Session 1 concentrates on constructing future understanding and also utilizing it to conceptualize ideas for technology. Session 2 takes the ideas and details all the sources – individuals, innovation, materials – needed for implementation. Session 3 draws 1 & 2 with each other into a strategy you can apply. Session 4 is a leadership analysis to

5. Facilitated Thinking

  • Exec Advisory/Sounding Board Service
  • On any provided day, you are faced with selections, choices, brand-new information as well as ideas. A lot of leaders are overwhelmed with info as well as short in a timely manner to sort through it as well as establish what is usable or what deserves activity. Our Facilitated Thinking ™ procedure develops dedicated reasoning time with an active audience that enhances the high quality of believing by providing a two-party energy dynamic and another person to take care of recording your ideas so you can concentrate on the reasoning. They can be done over the phone or on-site in the Portland OR Metro location.

Get in touch with us or book a one hour, at-no-charge analysis.