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About Susan

Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Product Offerings - On-Site or Phone/Video Conference via Skype

bulletFeeling stuck and overwhelmed and having trouble deciding what to do?
bulletNeed to maximize how you use your resources in this tight economy or as a part of a sustainability program? 
bulletRelocating and need a strategy to change workflow to fit the new space?
bulletCan't find your desk and chair? 
bulletIn transition - growing, shrinking or relocating your business to a new space and need help figuring it all out?
bulletLoosing important papers or worse, money, because billing documentation is missing?
bulletAre there bottlenecks and sources of stress that keep you from working at your optimal best? 

You have problems - I have answers. Everything starts with an at-no-charge 15 min. assessment phone call. Contact Susan

On-site Service Packages - 2, 3, and 6 hour options customized to fit your needs and budget

Good organization is about the flow of work into your space - simple, fast and easy processing - with a smooth exit.  Not the stuff and not what your office looks like, but how well the systems support your natural style of working.  These customizable options are our most popular - just the tailored help you need!

    2 hours - $150    3 hours - $250     6 hours - $500  in US dollars
    Packages include up to 1 hr travel round trip to your office and 30/60 day follow-up calls

Facilitated Thinking™ - Phone or Skype Executive Advisory/Sounding Board Service

On any given day, you are faced with choices, options, new information and ideas.  Most leaders are overwhelmed with information and short on time to sort through it and determine what is usable or what deserves action.  Our Facilitated Thinking™ process creates dedicated thinking time with an active listener that improves the quality of thinking by providing a two-party energy dynamic and someone else to take care of recording your thoughts so you can focus on the thinking.  They can be done over the phone or on-site in the Portland OR Metro area.  

    $125 per hour - weekly, monthly quarterly packages also available

Contact Susan with questions or to book a 15 minute at-no-charge assessment.

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