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Speaker, Author, Time Liberator - Susan Lannis

Susan Lannis speaker, author, time liberator

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Liberate Time to Think Package

This four piece package helps you spend time where it really matters, to feel strong, alert and focused throughout the day, to become a better thinker and to build a future awareness to find ideas and opportunities for innovation and take the fear and stress out coping with rapid change.

Key Benefits

bulletSpend time where it matters most
bulletFeel strong, alert and focused throughout the day
bulletBecome a better thinker with enough time liberated to think
bulletBuild future awareness to remove the fear of rapid change while building on innovation opportunities and build your competitive edge

Features & Outcomes

Exclusive Value/Time Assessment Process

bulletWe work together to complete our assessment tools and develop a plan to bring work value and time spent into alignment.

Personal Energy Assessment Process

bulletWe complete an assessment of your current and needed energy levels and develop a plan to balance your energy throughout the day so you can enjoy a personal life as well as a successful work life.

Industry Specific Future Awareness Building Tools Installation

bulletTo have a competitive edge, business leaders must be a leader in the current environment and be looking for the next evolution to their businesses viable and capable of leveraging rapid change.  We show you simple strategies and build you an industry specific home page so every time you access the internet you can fast scan to build future awareness

Facilitate Thinking Session

bulletGood thinking takes dedicated time, practice and benefits from having an active listening partner to record and support the thinking process.  In this session, you pick the subject and I'll facilitate.  Reach a better understanding and maybe a solution and learn to think better.

Contact Susan with questions or to book a Liberate Time to Think™ package.


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