About Susan

Susan Lannis is a speaker, author and the Time Liberator/Owner of ORGANIZATION Plus! Inc.

Since 1987, Susan has helped businesses succeed – whether through workspace design, education or helping company leaders Liberate Time to Think and Space to Act™.

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Here’s a compilation of what my client’s say are the top three reasons:

  • A mastery level knowledge from more than 20 years of skill and knowledge building in my area of expertise – organization and productivity.
  • Creativity and innovation – every system is custom designed to match each client’s natural work style and skill set.
  • Total focus on achieving results for each client – a partner and mentor in each client’s success.

Here’s a bit about who Susan is and how she does it:
Unique Abilities – Each of us has been given certain talents. This is a list of some of mine that I have honed and developed with insights on how my unique abilities can help you.

What I Know and How I Know It– In the information age, these two critical elements determine who you want to work with and who you think can help. While not an exhaustive list – here are some of the key pieces you might want to know before you decide to work with me.

Partial Client List and Client Comments – I have worked with every kind of business, non-profit and government entity over the last 20+ years. Here is a short list and a few comments that might help you in your decision to choose my firm to help you Liberate Time to Think and Space to Act™.

Bio – For those that want to know ‘just the facts’ here’s my resume and background information.